Supervised medical facility for the treatment of addiction to opioids. Serving the Buford, Warner Robins, Douglasville, Savannah & Macon

A professionally supervised medical facility for the treatment of addiction to opioids.
Buford: 678-765-8160 | Douglasville: 770-726-7958 | Macon: 478-330-7164
Savannah: 912-335-1699 | Warner Robins: 478-225-9860

Dedicated To Your Recovery

HealthQwest offers a holistic approach to treatment that facilitates positive changes in your life!

HealthQwest's goal is to tailor the counseling approach according to your needs and personality. Through this philosophy HealthQwest is able to create an environment of patient accountability and autonomy, which allows you to relish in your victory over addiction and embrace the pursuit of a new way of life!

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Our New Location: Buford, GA

Look for our newest location is in Buford, GA. This new facility features all of the same services and personal attention you've come to expect from HealthQwest.

Guest Dosing Information

Guest Dosing Information in AtlantaAffordable guest dosing rates are available to keep you on track even when you're on the road, away for work...or simply enjoying life.

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Suboxone Program

Medication Maintenance using Suboxone is an effective treatment for opiate addiction. Suboxone is a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone that works by "occupying" the brain receptor sites affected by heroin and other opiates.


  • Blocks the euphoric and sedating effects of opiates
  • Relieves the craving for opiates that is a major factor in relapse
  • Relieves symptoms associated with withdrawal from opiates
  • Does not cause euphoria or intoxication itself (with stable dosing), thus allowing a person to work and participate normally in society; is excreted slowly so it can be taken only once per day

My Secret, "I am a drug addict..."

I have the same addiction as the man under the bridge, and the lady on the corner. The only difference is I am a functioning addict. My life is not supposed to be this way. What happened?

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